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Dog Trainer Chorley has 35 years of experience in balanced dog training methods, developing a deep understanding of dog behaviour and dog-owner psychology. Our sessions are remarkably effective and we can help with dog behavioural issues of all kinds, no matter the issue, age or breed of your canine companion.

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Dog Trainer Chorley - Effective Dog Training from the UK Experts

Achieving Real World Obedience Since 1983

We resolve dog behavioural issues, providing a calm and bright future for dogs and owners across the UK.

Dog Trainer Chorley has 35 years of experience in balanced dog training methods, developing a deep understanding of dog behaviour and dog-owner psychology. Our sessions are remarkably effective and we can help with dog behavioural issues of all kinds, no matter the issue, age or breed of your canine companion.

Our years of graft and dedication have resulted in Dog Trainer Lancaster having one of the highest rehabilitation success rates in the whole of the UK. We produce real world results for you and your dog and give you the tools to maintain this progress long-term.

Our sessions and programs are designed to give you and your dog a head start to a new relationship by removing bad habits, reducing anxiety, fear and aggression and establishing a strong routine based on clear communication and respect.
So, if your dog is causing you stress, don’t give up on them. Instead speak to the behavioural experts.

Specialist Sessions

Did you know that 95% of all dog behavioural problems can be fixed within just 2 of our effective training sessions? Dog Trainer Chorley provides a range of effective one-to-one training sessions at your home; our programs are based on creating relationships through a solid foundation and clear communication. We concentrate on real world behavioural changes that get you real results. As part of the sessions, you’ll be taught how to use training tools correctly and develop a much healthier relationship with your dog going forward.

These packages all provide 2 sessions each of 1-1.5 hour in length, designed and proven to help resolve specific behavioural issues.

An aggressive dog is usually a scared dog. We boast fantastic success rates when it comes to resolving fear and aggression issues with dogs. If your dog is unusually scared or very reactive to other dogs and people, these are the ideal sessions for you.

Dogs love their bones but protection of items and food can become a problem when dogs growl, snap and snarl when defending objects. If this is an increasing problem for you, we can give you the tools and know-how to manage and reduce resource guarding behaviours.

Separation anxiety is an anxious response triggered when you become separated from your dog. It can result in exaggerated panic episodes and property damage if not addressed. We have a strong track record in resolving anxious behaviours in only two sessions.

Find out what your puppy needs from you as a new owner in only two sessions and build a strong relationship of trust for the future.

Rather shockingly, almost all dog behavioural problems can be resolved through the course of just two of our sessions. No word of a lie. That’s why we are the experts. Quickly developing a strong relationship based on clear communication is the key to all of this – no mixed signals just straight-forward instruction. Real world results are what matter and that’s what we provide. If your dog presents with aggression, fearfulness, anxiety or other unruly behaviours, we can help in two effective sessions.

Learn how to use effective training tools
ANY issue can be addressed
Methods tailored to your dog
Money back guarantee

The Big Mac of training sessions is available nationwide. See your dog transform in 14 days of effective and careful training followed by a full handover session. As part of this session, your dog will be socialised with other canines as well as children and adults. In any given week, your dog will be the only one in residence and our full attention lies with them. This programme is ideal of dogs lacking basic obedience as well as stressed nervous or aggressive dogs.

What should expect at the conclusion?
Calm behaviour
Basic obedience skills
Walk your dog at any time!
A dog that understands boundaries

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Common Behavioural Issues

We’re experts at resolving them all

There’s a long list of behavioural issues that dogs commonly show. We’ve listed the most common problems below which we have helped resolve for thousands of clients.

- Toilet Training
- Leash Pulling
- Destructiveness
- Hyperactivity
- Fear on Leas
- Excessive Barking
- Aggression
- Resource Guarding
- Reactive Dogs
- Darting
- Jumping on People
- Counter Surfing

If you are struggling with any of these dog behaviours or anything else not listed, call us today for advice.



We use Balanced Methods

Effective training using the natural behaviour of your dog

Balanced Training is an increasingly popular training method that uses fair application of reward and punishment to resolve bad behaviours and encourage good behaviours. Balanced Training involved positive reinforcement i.e. reward for doing something good and negative correction i.e. punishment for doing something bad. While some people immediately shun the idea of punishment, the technique holds true. This technique more accurately reflects how we raise our children, with a mix of mild but effective correction and reward. As such it has been proven to be more effective in modifying behaviours than ‘all-positive’ techniques which over rely on reward and coercion without the important correction aspects.

Dog Trainer Chorley is one of the UKs leading practitioners of balanced training methods. Effective results, every time.

Why owners choose Dog Trainer Chorley

There’s a reason Dog Trainer Chorley is associated with quality results. We help change the lives of dogs and owners nationwide.

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Dedication to Training

Dog Trainer Chorley has successfully trained thousands of canines of all sizes, ages and breeds over 35 years of hard work. We’ve developed a large repertoire of training skill and canine behavioural knowledge in that time. Put simply, you won’t find more qualified modern canine trainers in the North of the UK.

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Promote Balanced Methods

We employ balanced training rather than ‘all-positive’ methods because this training has proven more effective in all aspects of behaviour modification, hands down. This training uses a combination approach of negative correction & positive reinforcement, scientifically proven to be more effective at teaching dogs right from wrong.

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Wide Area of Coverage

Dog Trainer Chorley covers a wide area in the North of England from Manchester and all the surrounding towns to Liverpool and wider Lancashire.

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We Help Dangerous Dogs

If you have a dog that demonstrates aggressive tendencies and you are struggling to manage, you’ve come to the right trainers. A dangerous dog is usually a scared dog, and we know how to bring them back to calm. The overwhelming majority of dogs, even those that are aggressive, can be trained successfully to have basic obedience skills and a measure of respect for their owner.

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Cost Effective

Unruly dogs can be a burden on your wallet if you have to pay for things like cleaning, home repairs or even for past training sessions that didn’t help! When it comes to training, trying to cut corners can leave you with an ineffective solution. Caring for dogs is one thing, having a proven track record in helping their behavioural problems is another. Dog Trainer Chorley has an effective services which are fairly priced & produce real world results.

Dog Trainer Chorley – Dedication Breeds Success

There is no shortcut to dog training just hard work and applied experience. Dog Trainer Lancaster provides clients with consistent, reliable results that help restore calm to homes and usher in new, stronger relationships for owners and dogs across the UK.

We give you the tools and confidence to be the pack leader.

Speak to us today to book or for advice.

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